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Organizations are facing an increasingly risk based and competitive business environment that brings added obligations to provide and report better financial information and undertake more transparent and robust business decisions. Emergent delivers innovative economic analysis & financial solutions to support strategic and planning decisions allowing clients to successfully turn insight into action, manage efficient operations, employ company assets effectively and supervise enterprise risks. We bring experience in financial analysis and modeling that simulates business plans, transactions, and financial forecast results. Our Economic Analysis capabilities include:

Financial Modeling
Emergent works closely with clients to provide rigorous and insightful financial models capable of supporting critical business decisions. We apply our technical expertise and best practice methodologies to create robust, flexible, transparent and easy to use financial models. We adopt a structured model development process to ensure the model is built to expectations on a timely basis. Our team consists of financial modelers experienced in working with complex spreadsheet models for clients from major industries.

Financial Projections
Emergent has experience building models to forecast financial results. We understand the complexities of forecasting in rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive environments, and in situations with large R&D, regulatory or market uncertainties. Where financial projections already exist, Emergent can will provide independent review to critique the projections, enhance them, or even opine on their reasonableness. We often enhance the projections, either in timeframe, in ability to address uncertainties, or in level of detail, in order to better support the client's decision-making process. We improve the clarity and validity of the projections by identifying hidden assumptions, testing the key assumptions for internal consistency, and comparing them against external trends, benchmarks and competitive environments.

Transaction Analysis
Transaction for diverse deal structures can include project feasibility studies, valuation and financing advice, mergers and acquisitions advisory, growth strategies, due diligence, restructuring, distressed assets, tariff and regulatory structures, pricing models and emerging market investments.

Analysis & Decision Support
Business case analysis, Cost/benefit analysis, Feasibility studies, Financing strategies, Return on investment, Infrastructure assessments, Outsourcing/privatization, Trend analysis & forecasting, Cost/risk analysis, Independent cost estimates, Lifecycle cost estimates

Financial Planning & Management
Budget development, Program analysis, Affordability analysis, Operational Effectiveness, Cash flow assessments, Capital structure optimization, Resource allocation/optimization, Risk mitigation strategy development.




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